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We will inform you in May/June about the creatives we've chosen for 2019!

KunstRaum/ArtSpace „Alte Bürger” 2018 is now history. ArtSpace is a voyage of discovery through the creative world of artistic moments. Located in vacant shops, art studios, galleries, stairwells, empty apartments and on the street, this unique event in Bremerhaven brought together a diverse mix of attendees, artists, cultures and creative expressions. 


The response has been so positive that the KunstRaum / ArtSpace team, in cooperation with the Cultural Office Bremerhaven, is planning to once again bring this event to life on August 17th  & 18th in 2019. 


Kunstraum/ ArtSpace opens doors for all to experience art and culture from Bremerhaven and beyond. Our goal is to excite artists from all over the world to discover what Bremerhaven has to offer and help take the community to the next level. 


The ArtSpace Team

For more information, please contact us at:

Förderverein „Die Alte Bürger” e.V.

Robert Worden

Bgm.-Smidt-Straße 190

27568 Bremerhaven

Tele: 0171 366 6739  WhatsApp & Telegram

The initiators

Förderverein „Die Alte Bürger” e.V.,
Robert Worden

Kulturbüro Bremerhaven, Jochen Hertrampf
atz-Quartiersmeisterei, Jens Rillke 

Druck-Art, Karin Fröhling
Marie Garms, Kulturwissenschaftlerin

Take part!

KunstRaum/ ArtSpace „Alte Bürger“ offers the possibility to exhibit art and culture in its many forms. In the street, workshops, galleries, stairwells, artist studios, apartments, and empty stores …


Diverse genres accepted:
Dance, experimental theater, installation, sculpture, visual media, music, painting and much more. ArtSpace “Alte Bürger” offers a voyage of discovery through all forms of art and culture.


Please send a description of the artistic project and include pictures or sketches as well as what kind/ what type of space is needed.


We offer financial subsidies tailored to each individual artist. Please include those needs with your application.


Applications must be received by March 31, 2019.


Applicants will be informed by the end of April 2019 if they have been accepted or not. We will have a telephone conversation with each accepted applicant in early May 2019.


We are looking forward to hearing from you!


The ArtSpace Team

Please download the application here:

Adobe Acrobat Dokument 327.4 KB


We are still looking for different partners who want to contribute their experience, skills and resources to this project. You have the opportunity to sponsor an artist in or for a group of artists.


It is also possible to support the entire event financially or in kind. You will receive a corresponding donation receipt via the Förderverein "Die Alte Bürger" e.V.


Depending on the size of the support, you will be advertised in the various media (posters, flyers, Internet) before and during the event.


Please support!